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We provide you with the strategy/campaigns/funnels and step by step video instructions to implement them.

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We provide the strategy and install the campaigns/funnels for you with prepared stock copy.  You can modify the copy and we integrate if for you.

We each do some of the work

We do it for you

We provide the strategy and install the campaigns/funnels for you with custom written copy and most assets.

We do all the work for you

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The Three Step Process


Create Your Marketing & Automation


Collect Your Leads


Turn Your Prospects Into Customers

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We can help you achieve the following and more...


Get Organized

Keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks and everything else about your business in one place. Access your data from any computer with internet access and work from anywhere.  Have access to your Key Performance Indicators at a glance so you can always know how your marketing is performing.


Automate Your Marketing

Attract more leads and turn them into customers — while you do other things. We help you to streamline your processes by automating your lead capture and follow-up using multiple techniques including social media, ads, webinars, auto responders and more.


Grow your business

Sell more and retain existing customers.  We can help you sell online, setup recurring revenue models, offer upsells, discounts, payment and subscription plans, setup affiliate/referral programs and more to grow your business.

"You Miss 100% of the Shots you don't take! 
In other words, you can't succeed unless you try." 

Wayne Gretzky

That is one of my favorite quotes mainly because of it's truth.  

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What Clients are Saying...

If you're considering using Infusionsoft, use David Borys.

David is the only one that lives, breathes, eats & sleeps Infusionsoft... He is the only one that I have worked with that has Infusionsoft down.


Maria Giordano 
Real Estate Investor/Trainer

 have always been impressed with David's ability to implement & Execute efficiently.

When our business was in need to reinvent our sales funnel... I immediately thought of David.

I can't thank you enough!

Brian Stickney
Complete Currency Trader

The whole process from beginning to end was awesome! 

Anything that we wanted to do, David always had the answer!  


The Service was impeccable!

Natasha Azrak
Functional Medicine Practitioner

I had worked with others before David with Infusionsoft and it was a nightmare!  

He is the best solution oriented guy for your services with Infusionsoft & anything related.

He is very accessible!

I would suggest anytime, that David Borys as your Infusionsoft Solution!

Philippe Brouillard
CEO - Clinique Vi


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