About Infused Momentum...

Infused Momentum is part of Business Technology Consultants which was founded in 2000 in Woodland Hills, CA providing computer and other technology consulting to small businesses in southern California.  In the beginning, our general focus was designing, implementing and supporting local area networks for small businesses.  We also included consulting on related office technology including telephone systems, copiers, fax machines, etc.  We recommended and implemented software solutions including accounting systems as that was part of our background and roots.

In 2009, we were hired to run the customer training program for the United States division of a multi-national financial services company as well as fulfilling all of it’s hardware needs for their clients that purchased their systems.  That company had just implemented a software called Infusionsoft as it’s CRM and to run it’s business.   They pushed it out to the US division and the person in charge of the division did not want to deal with it and it was given to us to implement.  Within weeks of implementing the system, the main corporate division had contacted us to find out how we were able to accomplish certain aspects of the software.  We quickly became the company wide experts on Infusionsoft.

We later worked on starting up another financial services company using Infusionsoft as it’s backbone.  We created some very high tech implementations of Infusionsoft and it’s accompanying membership software called CustomerHub and were told by some of the higher level staff at Infusionsoft that we had created some very cool and out of the box solutions with their software.

In 2011, we started doing independent Infusionsoft implementation consulting and became a referral partner with Infusionsoft.

Our love for Infusionsoft and the their mission led us to become Infusionsoft Certified Partners and is now the sole focus of our business.

We strive to provide our clients with the ultimate service and highest level of satisfaction.

About the Owner, David Borys

David went to school at UCLA and CSUN studying Business Administration, Accounting, and Computer Sciences.

After school, he began his career working for a local CPA firm doing both accounting and handling the firms IT issues.

He later started the firms computer consulting department where he provided IT services to the firms clients including designing and implementing their local area networks and providing them with technology budgets for their businesses.

He was a member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants computer committee and was the chairman of the Eastside Microcomputer Users Group.

In 2000, he left the firm to start Business Technology Consultants and as they say, the rest is history.

David is a visionary when it comes to technology and software.  He thinks outside the box and looks at any problems as challenges to solve.  Working with Infusionsoft is a huge passion for David and loves to plan out and implement this awesome solution for clients that will meaningfully impact their companies growth and it's ability to meet their goals.

David loves to help clients with automating their businesses and helping them to get organized, focused and moving towards their goals.  He believes it is important to help people work on their businesses instead of only working in their businesses.  He wants to help provide them with the means to spend more quality time with their loved ones and their life passions by giving them back their most precious resource, Time.....

David has been using and working with Infusionsoft since 2009 and has been an Infusionsoft Certified Partner/Consultant since 2015.  He is also a Memberium Certified Partner and a PlusThis Certified Partner.